• IOS

    A Journey Into Apple’s iOS 8, A Game Changer?

    Every news site online continues to report that “Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) made a massive mistake with iOS 8”, the operating system that the giant consumer electronics producer branded as game changer? It’s only been five days since Apple announced iOS 8, the new mobile operating system that is said to bring various features never seen [...]

  • 8267661912_742d2c59da

    After FCC Vote to Kill Net Neutrality, CREDO Urges Obama to Take Action

    Statement by Becky Bond, CREDO’s Political Director: “This is the beginning of an intense war over the future of the Internet. Attention now turns to President Obama. This is his chairman and his FCC. When he campaigned for the presidency he promised to protect a free and open Internet. And that promise is now being [...]

  • 2948956135_a87356811c1

    News Release: Latino Group Slams FCC Plan to End Net Neutrality

    The end of net Neutrality is not comfortable with everyone, is at all there is anyone comfortable with it. Several regions and bodies continue to express their discontent. “This decision by the FCC is bad for Latino communities, racial justice advocates, and working people everywhere. The internet has become a public space essential to our [...]

  • 9189748607_d78c3bcdb5

    Tencent’s WeChat Monthly Active Users Rose to 396 Million

    Tencent Holdings Ltd, which is China‘s leading listed tech firm, is generating huge profits through smartphones as it has relocated its force in social networking and gaming onto mobile. At present, Shenzhen-based Tencent generates most of its profit from the video gaming business division and sales of digital goods. Expansion Beside the video gaming sector, [...]

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